A bit about me


After leaving school I went to work at C&A for a couple of years before moving on to work for a betting shop chain for a year. I then spent the next 30 years working for Abbey National, starting off in Computer Operations and then spending most of the subsequent years as a systems programmer working on Unisys mainframes (Exec 8 -> OS1100 -> OS2200), with a bit of time on Stratus (VOS) and IBM (MVS) systems, and of course the inevitable Microsoft NT, with Citrix Winframe thin client clusters. After 30 years with one company, and having reached the age of 50, I thought it was time for a change and so I took early retirement from Abbey National.

I now work on a freelance basis providing computer support, covering both hardware and software, for smaller companies which do not usually have their own in-house IT departments, and also developing Web sites.

I enjoy working part-time and do not plan to retire completely for a few years to come yet. As you may be able to tell from this site’s subject matter, my main leisure interests include kart racing and skiing. These are both expensive pastimes and funding them adequately would be a good enough reason to carry on working even if I did not enjoy it!


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